Fw: Brickfair 2022 co-participation?

Lloyd Rombold

Hi Emily and Gabe

I'm the coordinator for the Rockville Lions Club train show and I wanted to respond to your request to help with the display at Brickfair. For each train show/display that the club (WAMALTC) does, someone in the club volunteers to be the coordinator. I'm not sure who will be the coordinator for the display at Brickfair. When I find out I will forward your request to them.

You may already know this but just in case… There are two parts to Brickfair, the public show that runs on Saturday and Sunday and the convention part that runs from Wednesday through Sunday. The convention part is primarily for adults however children are allowed to attend if they are accompanied by an adult. In addition to setting up displays there are games and other activities that are only available to people who attend the convention part of Brickfair. If you are interested displaying at Brickfair then you should probably sign up for the convention part.



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My name is Emily Petrus, my son Gabe is the boy who shows up at your Rockville Lions Club show every November with custom trains - thank you for always allowing him to run on you track!
He’s been busy building as always and has said he’d like to display his creations at Brickfair in VA this year. Will you all be there? I know he can’t join your group officially because he’s a kid but would you consider letting him join your display? We’re happy to contribute to the cost of table renting, have loads of tracks (plain and with power) and cool trains of course.
Thanks again for all your hospitality and we hope to see you all soon!
Emily Petrus
Ps Gabe says hi especially to scout :)

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