Ranson show - Nov 6th 2021

Feuer Zug

Hello all,
I am fairly new to the area and recently joined the board here. The local model train club (Bunker Hill Train Club) to me is putting on a show in Ranson, WV on 6 November. I will be running a small display of LEGO trains at their event. Presently, I do not know how much space I will have, but if anybody wishes to bring rolling stock and be a public face for LEGO trains with me, you are welcome to join. My track setup is based on stock LEGO train sizes, so if you want to run anything, please have it be 6-wide and not more than about 40 studs in length. I will be running a European theme (Emerald Night, ICE, DB185 class, ect). Most buildings will be modulars with baseplates and/or felt for table covering.
The website for the show is: https://www.bunkerhilltrainclub.com/train-shows/
Some of what I'll be bringing:

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