Re: Updated BrickFair Track Plan with Reduced Number of Tables


On Jul 20, 2021, at 12:13 PM, Bob Hayes via <> wrote:


We could not get the additional tables that we wanted, so here is a reduced (just a little) track plan.

I have attached the track plan, the table layout and the Blue Brick file if you want to edit or print the plan.

Track required for this plan:

32 R88 curve track (Bob Hayes)
374 RC straight
99 9V Curve
2 Custom RC Rail Half Curve (Bob Hayes)
1 RC Point Left Modified (Bob Hayes)
1 EC Point Right Modified (Bob Hayes)
559 Rail 9V Straight
3 9V Crossing (Bob Hayes)
8 9V Point Right
3 9V Point Left
16 R72 curve track (Bob Hayes)

The two loops at the top and the one in the harbor are RC only.


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