Re: Manassas 2021 Track Plan



Those are very large building foot prints. You will have to work with others to find space for them.

You do not need to bring the track, we will stay RC on the outer loop t=in order to avoid “big loop” electrical issues.

See you on Saturday.


On Jun 3, 2021, at 2:44 PM, Scott Bertaut via <> wrote:

I am just planning on bringing WAMALTC stuff, not WAMALUG stuff. It should be two large buildings (40x64 and 48x80) along with some trains and road vehicles plus my Airwolf helicopter.

I also have a full circle of R88 and R72 curves that have been electrified if we would like to run 9V on the outer loop. Though currently my 9v wires are in pretty bad shape, so someone else would have to provide the power.

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